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Ian Coachafer

I initially followed Sophie on Instagram, mainly due to posts related to yoga and meditation which she was kind enough to give me advice on where to get started on! Following on from this, Sophie offered 3 of her followers nutrition advice for free on a first come first serve basis! I was lucky enough to be one of those 3 and really benefited from it. Sophie asked me to clarify 3 typical days in my life in terms of activity and food and then exercise / weights etc. We then designed a customised nutrition plan that matched my goals (lose fat, gain muscle).

The main reason I signed up was I was totally clueless about macros, something which Sophie was able to explain very easily and helped me understand where to focus and how to understand the tricky terminology.

The nutrition plan was very easy to follow and Sophie was always available for queries, I got some really good results based on comparing before and after photos and a much better understanding of macros, micro nutrients, HIIT and carb cycling. 

Sophie is a very positive and mature young person who could definitely offer good advice on anything fitness, health (including yoga and meditation) and nutrition! I would definitely recommend you contact her. 


Nat, before and after (3 months training with me).

So pleased with how far I've come since starting to train with Sophie Thomas in October. I've seen a few PT's in my time, and for the first time I've actually visually seen, and mentally felt a difference. I've learned that lifting weights IS the way forward, no it doesn't make you bulky, it makes you lean and firm which I'm pretty sure is what most girls want! We do plenty of cardio too, but the reason I'm changing shape like this is because of weighted exercises, not running on a treadmill for an hour! All of our training is based on scientific knowledge that Sophie has (I honestly have never known anyone to know so much about everything, it's admirable!!) and she understands the human body, particularly the female body, like no other... To the point where (sorry boys), our workouts change depending on the time of the month due to how our body's react and work differently during these times. I've still got a way to go and can't wait to see my continued progress. I completely trust everything that Sophie's doing as clearly it works!
If you need/want a personal trainer then Sophie is your lady! She also does online programmes which is always handy.





Beki Adams, model at Zone Model Management


Sophie has been a pillar of mental support as well as an amazing coach, teaching me how to train my body effectively to get the best result possible in the healthiest way. She knows exactly how models should and have to look and the industry standards, all the while promoting health first and sustainable results rather than quick fixes. I now know how to get toned and lean quickly before a shoot, and also change my mindset towards exercise and see it as something athletically-charged rather than just to look good! I would definitely recommend Sophie as a trainer, whether you're a model or just looking to get results.